a.b.art Macaron Custom Series: the Fashion of Play and Beauty

August 17th, 2018

Every girl’s heart is filled with sweet dreams of the perfect things of life, including creative wristwatches. The Macaron Custom series comes in fanciful colors that make you both attractive and fashionable. Also, the rich design of the watches makes your summer holiday and adventure more memorable.

Macaron Custom Series

Macaron Rich Color Mix

The macaron custom series come in a rich variety of colors perfect for summer and exceptional for girls. These watches have bright colors which every girl would love. What’s more?

The fascinating watch dial is simple and classy, and the best choice for any woman who loves to feel both attractive and confident.

Delicate Custom Straps & Buckles

a.b.art macaron custom series also have freely defined strap accessories which bring out your playful side. The straps have been creatively designed to make your heart glow with pride whenever you walk into a room.

Be sure that your friends would be drawn to your wrist and captivated by your exclusive taste for timepieces.

Additionally, the ingenious custom buckles give the macarons a playful edge. In fact, each buckle shape has a distinct meaning, and it’s up to you to select a macaron that defines your style. Feel free to choose a buckle that can stand out as your personality logo.

a.b.art Macaron Custom Series

These designs include:

· Our lovely and elegant crown which makes you feel like the princess in a fairytale

· The playful heart lock which celebrates a girl’s youthful love

· The cute puppy, interdependent birds, and spiritualized ladybird which represent pure and childish pets, eternal companionship, loyalty, and courage

· Our flying butterflies reflect beauty, goodness, and hope.

Gold Polka Scales

The macaron custom series are also decorated with gold polka scales which appear at point zero in a dazzling crystal. The amazing look has the image of time waltzing and rotating around a unique 26mm dial.

the Fashion of Play and Beauty

Fashion Suede-Texture Leather Band

Another amazing aspect of the macaron series is the suede-texture strap. Suede is popularly known to be more comfortable and breathable in most fashion items. And this is why we’ve chosen a material that guarantees comfort at its peak.

Your experience with the macarons matters to us and we care that you fit perfectly into the fashion circle around the world.

Added to this is the fact that suede material on the watches can match your outfits and fashion style.

Transparent Sapphire Glass Mirror

If you’re familiar with a.b.art brand, you’d recall that we always choose materials which project quality and sincerity. The mirror-transparent synthetic sapphire glass in the macaron custom series is indeed remarkable.

With a slim case of only 5.45mm thickness, the clear crystal is timeless and stylish.

Macaron Rich Color Mix

Purchase Your Macaron Custom Series

On the whole, a.b.art macaron custom series flawlessly combine fashion trends, top-notch suede materials, creative and stylish custom clasps, and other terrific accessories.

With less than $1,00, you can get this unique and high performance watch. Get your attractive side on with our macaron custom series. Order now!