a.b.art Series FD Red Dot Master

September 30th, 2018

As a result of its unique “dot calendar,” the a.b.art series FD Red Dot Master won the German Red Dot Design Award. And this has increased its popularity.

To improve the simple craftsmanship of the watch, the designer stepped up the blue dial. The new tidal watch now comes with a modern touch which gives it a classic and more appealing design.

In addition, the latest a.b.art series FD beats the conventional dial impression. It has a different feel on the wrist, thanks to the red dot design that moves as the days of the calendar change.

a.b.art fd watch

Colorful Dial Design

Another amazing feature of the new a.b.art series FD is the stylish design of the dial. Vibrant color contrasts make up the minute and second hands and these hands are carefully positioned on the matte black bezel.

The watch further enjoys a modern look with the magnified short white line and trendy contrast-colored matte dial. Equally, the pure white on the hour and minute hands indicate a strong sense of uniqueness. No doubt, the red jump point is the dial’s biggest value.

The chalk blue calendar number around the hop calendar complements the white scales. Also, three well-styled contrast designs on the dial spell out youthfulness and vitality.

Nylon Woven Strap

Apart from the compelling black dial polish, you have the nylon hand-woven strap. In fact, this choice of strap gives the watch a spectacular look which makes it multiple times better than the fashionable belt and light luxury steel belt.

The a.b.art series FD relies on this feature to stay distinct. The skillfully hand-woven strap feels perfect on the skin and decreases the common business model of the leather and steel band. Also, it places more importance on knitting technology and youthfulness.

Many fashion lovers prefer the red strap, as it depicts their restless heart and daring personalities. More so, the 10-second switchable style creative detachable strap makes the new a.b.art series FD the go-to watch.

Moreover, the watch come with a series of straps which allow you to effortlessly match your watch strap with your clothing.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to celebrate your vibrant personality, the a.b.art series FD is a MUST. These unique timepieces project your personality with the best visual impact and ideal youthfulness.

Join the trend. Get the new version of the a.b.art series FD with the red dot calendar.

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