FD Series – Germany’s “Red Dot Design” Award-Winning Timepiece

January 5th, 2019

It’s time to display your charm.a.b.art’s FD Dot Series

We present you a new masterpiece: the Germany Red Dot Design Award-winning FD Series. Interestingly, the a.b.art FD Series was in a tie with the German “IF Award” and the US “IDEA Award” for the award of the world’s three major designs.

The FD Series, designed by François Zahnd and his a.b.art design team, is a cylindrically-shaped watch with clear and straight lines. It equally has a huge watch dial and a distinct 31-hole date indicator.

Do you have a date? No, I don’t have one. I have thirty-one.

A technological reformation

Practical yet fashionable

Step tracker and more

Watch time get upbeat as you dance

Every Date Counts:

Thirty-one date holes

Each hole represents a day

As a month ends, another begins

Red Dot, the Vibrant Life Beat:A positive attitude begins on Day 1

Don’t let others make decisions for you

It’s time to be your own master

Designed with Simplicity, yet, Exclusive:

Basic colors are black and white

Red and blue express its decorative charm

The wake up alarm goes off

As the hand touches the dot on the watch dial

Welcome the sun with a bright smile,

As there’s no other perfect way to start the day

Swiss Ronda Movement, Always Accurate:

Ronda is a well-known movement manufacturer in Switzerland.

Its reliable and high-end quality movement won a unanimous

recognition among luxury watch brand companies.

Selective Material:

Swiss Ronda movement offers a life-time quality guarantee

Black-textured matte dial with artificial sapphire glass mirror

Its deep mystery and agility make a perfect combo.

Stay chic, stay exceptional

Being different is an attitude!

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