From One to Touch X,Be Surprised of What a Fashion Watch Can Do

February 18th, 2019

Heavy, rigid shape and battery continuation have always been challenges for smart watches.’s, however, have always been a problem solver. The team of designers intend to make a breakthrough, preserving the aesthetics of fashion watch while maximizing the life span and function. After countless attempts and comparisons, the team finally found a solution. In fact, the secret lies in the design philosophy that always adheres to:

Less is more. Minimizing the smart function to maximize the integrated experience One, instead of using the power-consuming electronic screen, the design team remains the classic quartz dial, increased One’s battery life to 240 days, in addition to the fashion outlook, has stepped into the first tech-inspired fashion revolution. It received huge popularity once it has been releasing.

However, the designer team of smart watches has never stopped discovering, new ideas, inspirations, and concepts have been brainstormed and brought on the table almost every single day.

“What is the real value of a smart watch?”

In fact, the answer underlies a simple philosophy:”good looking and easy features”

And that’s how we created the Touch X.

More stylish and smoother design. The red and black classic color matching with the creative ripped radar dial design is fashionable and restrained. Durable artificial sapphire glass, 8mm thickness, a combine of fashion and technology.

In addition, our designers have added the touch screen function of the watch on the basis of One, which improves the interactivity.

Draw a circle, to send positioning.

Sliding twice, to turn on the sport mode.

Long press the center of the mirror to find the phone.

Crosswise slide, speed dial;

There are other useful features:

Call/SMS reminder, alarm clock function, selfie, etc.

Individuality appealing, when you Touch to start your smart life.

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