Treat Yourself Well, Because You Deserve it

March 6th, 2019

3.8 Queen’s Day

Buy watch now and get Queen’s Day designed gift box + bangle

Just keep on dreaming, until it come true.


Treat yourself well, because you deserve it

Have you ever dreamed of being the center of the room,

All eyes on you when you walk out?

Well, that’s not a dream,

Love yourself to be loved,

Treat yourself with a nice gift,

Only because you deserved it.

FQ Series light luxury sub-dial design

FQ Series


Ocean deep colored shell, naturally appealing

Matching navy blue dial, shining like a galaxy

May the fairytale tells the story, of your life

abart gold


Shimmering gold dots

Crystal inlaid to 12’o clock

Naturally appealing on your wrist

Marking those upcoming inscribed days

And beautiful moments present

Sophisticated yet vibrant

abart black


Mystery golden black, shining during midnight

Secret ink black dial, individual blossom

Be yourself, spontaneous yet confident

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