10 Tips to Help You Choose a Watch

August 21st, 2018

Are you planning to buy a new watch? That’s great! Do you know what to look out for? Maybe not! Now, we’ve prepared this post for you, to help you choose a watch that suits you and makes you feel special.

Apart from picking a top watch brand, you need to find out key details about that watch such as the type, material, watch movement, and more.

Choose a Watch
Tips to Help You Choose Your New Watch

Before you spend your special earnings on a new timepiece, write these tips on a stick note:

1.What Watch Type Do I Want?

Do you know the watch type that matters to you? Are you interested in an analog watch or a digital watch? Do you feel more comfortable using a dress watch or you enjoy the complexities of the smart watch?

Are you a tech guy that’d rather pick from a field watch, aviator watch or racing watch?

2.Would the Watch Fit My Wrist Perfectly?

Another thing that counts is the watch size. How well would the watch fit your wrist? Is it your size or will it keep dancing around your wrist? People with small to medium wrist can pick watches with a watch case diameter of 38mm, 40mm or 42mm. for most men, 44mm-48mm has the large case which fits them better.

3.What’s Special About the Watch Materials?

Is the watch case made with plastic, steel or titanium? Or do you have a mixture of materials? The cost of materials (for watch bands as well) would determine the cost of the watch; this means that plastic would be cheap while high-quality metal would most likely cost more.

Help You Choose a Watch

4.What Watch Style Do I Care About?

If you’re a more stylish person, would you like a fashion watch, something with minimal design, classy or luxurious? Define your taste; then make your pick.

5.Is this Timepiece from a Top Watch Brand?

Some people prefer nothing but Swiss watches while others care more about top watch brands like Rolex, Seiko, TAG Heuer, Timex, and Casio. Regardless of the big names, you’ve got to ask yourself what brand produces the watch you intend to buy and how reliable this brand is.

6.Can I Afford The Watch?

Inasmuch as you shouldn’t go all out to empty your bank account for a watch, you shouldn’t be too frugal that you settle for something low-quality and inexpensive. Always find out if a watch is within your budget before you purchase it. Indeed, there are watches under $300 or up to $700 and others that are near $2000 or even as expensive as $10,000.

7.What are the Watch Complications?

Is the watch water-resistant? Does it have additional features like date/day, chronograph, moon display, GMT Zone, and more?

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8.Can I Trust the Watch Movement?

Watch movements range from quartz movement, mechanical movement, automatic movement, electronic movement to solar-powered? What watch movement do you want in a watch?

9.Where Can I Buy the Watch?

You equally need to choose a watch seller who provides great service and you can trust. Options include individual/small retailers, auctions, department stores, and online stores. Irrespective of what you choose, make sure you get the best.

10.How Durable is this Watch?

The final point is durability. Many people talk about using their watches for up to thirty years. If you purchase a good watch, you can get as many as three or four decades on it.

So, have these tips on how to choose a watch helped you? Let’s know what you think!

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