3 Key Steps on How to Wash the Quartz Watch

May 23rd, 2018

The process of cleaning a quartz watch requires care, time, and attention to details. To enjoy your timepiece in its best shape, it’s important you clean it of dust, dirt, and other unwanted residue from time to time, and in a dust-free environment. Before you can wash the quartz watch, you’ll need to follow certain procedures that demand a careful separation of the watch parts and eventual reassembling of these parts to function as expected. Read this post to find out everything that counts.

How to Wash the Quartz Watch

Processes Involved in Washing the Quartz Wash

1、Dismantle the Parts

The first process of washing a watch involves separating the watch parts. Put different parts in different contains and remember the order in which you removed them. It’s important that these parts are kept in sealed containers because their exposure to naked air may cause them to diminish in performance.

It’s recommended that you put labels on each of the containers containing the watch parts in order to identify them easily when you’ve completed the washing process. And as for screws, put different sizes in different containers; otherwise, you may have a tough time reassembling the watch.

2、Wash with a Cleaning Fluid

Not all parts of your quartz watch can be washed with a cleaning fluid. The design of the quartz watch is easily accessible; hence, you remove the watch movement. Put it in a small bowl that contains fluid and shake it from left to right repeatedly until you’re convinced that the fluid has gone through the movement.

When you’ve done this for a few minutes, take the movement out of the bowl and check the base of the fluid for some tiny particles. Such particles are accumulated debris that can affect the function of the friction fit. Some people also recommend alcohol or acetone as they evaporate faster than water while others suggest blowing out the watch movement using compressed air.

Wash the a.b.art Quartz Watch

On Esslinger site, you’ll find efficient products like the Quartz Quick Clean Watch Movement Cleaner which removes invisible particles and oil from the watch movement. More so, it dries very fast and contains no chlorinated solvents. Whether you have metal movement or a plastic one, this solution works fine and is inexpensive.

Apart from the watch movement, the watch case and bracelet need to be dipped in soap and hot water and scrubbed with a small brush. Clean the coil and circuit with a small brush as well; wipe the hands of the watch with an eraser, and touch the dial lightly with a fiberglass brush (be careful about scratches). However, keep all plastic parts of your watch away from heat.

3、Reassemble and Check the Watch

The last thing you do when you wash the quartz watch is to reassemble the watch parts which you previously dismantled. Be cautious while you replace the parts, and ensure that you repeat the same order you used when you separated the parts. Be mindful of screws, the battery, hands, clear case and crystal, and the complete performance of the watch.

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