4 Different Kinds of Quartz Watch Battery

May 22nd, 2018

Quartz watches are powered by batteries and when they cease to tick correctly or tick at all, it may just be time to replace them. But how do you find a replacement if you don’t know the different kinds of quartz watch battery? Your knowledge of the battery cells that exist will help you to know which battery your watch needs and how to get it.

Quartz Watch Battery

Note, first of all, that a watch is powered by battery when you see “Quartz” written on it. Mechanical watches don’t require battery replacement. With this post, you’ll find the kind of quartz watch battery you need and confirm that it’s exactly what your watch needs.

Kinds of Quartz Watch Battery

The most common batteries which watchmakers use are:

· Varta watch batteries

· Renata watch batteries

· Sony watch batteries

· Maxell watch batteries

Renata Watch Batteries

These batteries are produced by the Swatch Group responsible for manufacturing Omega, Breguet, and Longines watches. Most quartz watches like a.b.art and Breitling use this battery because it is reliable and durable. This quartz watch battery contains no mercury as mercury has harmful toxic properties. However, it’s made with silver oxide which allows the battery to provide up to 1.55 volts without discharging very fast. Silver oxide batteries have the “SR” plus some numbers.

a.b.art Quartz Watch Battery

Varta Watch Batteries

Varta watch batteries come in more than 30 types, and some of them look like silver oxide products. They comprise alkaline manganese and lithium which can also be used for vehicle keys, pagers, cameras, and calculators.

There’s an Omega watch with an unusual 2-volt lithium battery and digital watches that use 3-volt lithium batteries. All of these are produced by Varta, and you can identify them by observing a “v” with a battery number. Alkaline batteries can also be known with the “LR” plus some numbers. Most men watches have the V371 battery while women watches have V377 battery.

Maxell Watch Batteries

Talk about rechargeable batteries. Maxell produces electronic batteries with 1.5V that come in tiny sizes and are made of silver oxide. Although they are slightly expensive, they come in two types which make them efficient for high-drain (ends with SW) and low-drain (ends with W) watches.

Apple watches have these electronic batteries. The batteries also have additional features like calculators, loud alarms, and background lighting. Interestingly, the rechargeable batteries are more durable and rarely require replacement.

4 Different Kinds of Quartz Watch Battery

Sony Watch Batteries

Sony is the largest producer of silver oxide batteries with 1.5V that come in up to 40 different sizes which can fit any timepiece. These watch batteries are made in almost equal number for high-drain and low-drain watches. Before you buy any of these batteries, you need to check if they fit your quartz watch.

Sony watch batteries work in both digital and analog watches, and can also be used in toys and calculators. Plus, they are long-lasting, resistant to leakage, and popularly used by top watch brands such as Citizen, Seiko, and Casio.

Before you replace the battery in your watch, check if it matches any of these different kinds of quartz watch battery. Identify the model and be sure that it’s exactly what you need.