5 Characteristics of a Quartz Watch

May 8th, 2018

The quartz watches is famous for its accuracy, low-cost maintenance, and stability. All thanks to the quartz material in quartz watches, these timepieces are durable and the most trusted. So, the next time you want to buy a watch, look out for these characteristics of a quartz watch. And always remember that a watch is personal and a reflection of your personality and style.

Characteristics of a Quartz Watch

Key Features of a Quartz Watch

The following characteristics of a quartz watch are what make the quartz watch a popular choice in many countries of the world. Most watch manufacturers trust the accuracy of the quartz watch to keep their costumers glued to them. So, while the mechanical watch also has advantages, the quartz watch remains well-known for being accurate, stable, long-lasting, cheap to maintain, and affordable.

· Accuracy

Quartz watches are more accurate than mechanical watches because they depend on quartz crystals to power them. The balance wheel in mechanical watches is known to be less stable whereas the oscillator in the quartz watch is steady. And it’s generally accepted that a timepiece with a steadier oscillator is better than those with unstable oscillators (pendulum). More so, since quartz watches exhibit more accuracy, throughout a year, they may rarely skip a minute or two, and they can be used to reflect time periods even below a second.

· Battery-Powered

With pendulum timekeepers, watch wearers often have to wind the watch themselves to get it to swing from side to side. After a while, the swinging ceases and the timepiece can no longer count time. It would only function when winding takes place. For mechanical watches, the movement of a wearer’s wrist is what gets the rotor in the watch to move and work.

However, with quartz watch, no winding is necessary. Since these watches are powered by batteries, the wearer can simply ensure that the battery is in good shape.

Characteristics of a Quartz Watch

· Quartz Movement

The quartz movement is one of the characteristics of a quartz watch. In mechanical watches, the second hand moves many times in a single second whereas in quartz movement, the second hand sweeps the dial per second in a smooth fashion. This feature is one of the most important distinguishing factors of quartz watches.

Watches with quartz movement are made by almost all watch companies in the world. Citizen and ETA are leading manufacturers of quartz watches with quartz movements. And the best part of the quartz movement is that it allows the production of sleeker, slimmer watch designs.

· Cheap to Maintain

Maintaining quartz watches doesn’t cost much since the batteries often last for many years. In the case of mechanical watches, oiling and frequent cleaning is a must, and they require time and money. But with quartz watches, the watch battery is inexpensive and only required after several months or a few years.

· Affordable

Most women watches are quartz watches and these are affordable. Women prefer them because they are more fashionable. Quartz movements cost little; the quartz battery is also cheap, and craftsmanship isn’t superfluous. If you check out a.b.art, all women watches have quartz movement while men watches use mechanical movement.

All of these characteristics of a quartz watch are what stand them out and make them the preferred watches of many watch lovers.

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