5 Reasons Why Swiss-Made Watches are Better than Other Watches

August 14th, 2018

Swiss watch brands are popular for their luxurious design and Swiss-made label. This mark remains a seal of the Swiss government.

You’ll agree with me that watches with the Swiss-made label receive so much attention from both watch experts and watch enthusiasts.

And that’s why we‘ve published this post. You’ll figure out five key reasons why Swiss-made watches are preferred to many other watches on the market.

Swiss-Made Watches

Why are Swiss-Made Watches Better than Other Wristwatches?

1. Swiss Movement

The Swiss ETA movement is designed by a watchmaker who carefully assembles the internal gears. Unlike other watch brands which use plastic gears to hold the movement in place, Swiss manufacturers use metal gears.

And the advantage of this is that the metal gears can last a lifetime without experiencing any wear and tear. Watch movements with plastic gears are bound to need replacement after some time.

Another interesting aspect of the movement is the regular servicing. Servicing the Swiss movement goes a long way in ensuring that it remains useful to even your kids (if you choose to give them out as gifts).

2. Watch Crystal

The watch crystal in Swiss-made watches is a synthetic sapphire crystal. The hardness of this crystal provides the guarantee that scratches or cracks cannot hurt the face of the watch.

However, most watches use mineral glass crystal which is eventually susceptible to damage if scratched on a hard surface or allowed to fall.

Plus, the price of the crystal in the Swiss watch triples that of the mineral glass and is every way a factor of quality.

With this type of crystal on your watch, you can be sure that your watch will survive the worst of falls or accidents.

a.b.art swiss watch

3. Case

Swiss-made watches are made with solid steel materials. This accounts for the weight which both the case and links have when you wear the watch. Many watches are made with base metal which isn’t resistant to corrosion.

And when a watch case and links begin to corrode, there’s almost no way you’ll wear such watch with confidence.

Also, note that many watchmakers simply emblazon their watches with the “Swiss-made” label to increase the cost of their products. Watches from such brands will most likely lack the typical Swiss watch case weight. So, don’t be hoodwinked.

4. Metal Production

Because of the 316L surgical steel in Swiss watches, the metal remains resistant to corrosion and rust. Equally, the production process allows for future polishing of the watch.

If you observe other so-called steel watches, you’d realize that the steel lacks the polished look common to Swiss-made watches. Altogether, purchasing a watch made in Switzerland allows you to get quality at its best

Swiss made

5. Price

As a result of the intensive labor that goes into the production of the Swiss watch, the watch price is usually on the high side.

And once a watch has met the requirements of using Swiss components and movements and being assembled and tested in Switzerland, the “Swiss made” label goes on it.

Any watch with a Swiss-made label is typically expensive ranging $700 and upward.

Our Take

On the whole, this post has given you reasons to see that Swiss-made watches are better than other watches. Except that a.b.art is a Swiss brand,there are, of course, many other high-quality watch brands on the watch market.

One last thing, be mindful of where you buy your timepiece, so you don’t get sold a fake.

Let us know what you think about Swiss-made watches.

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