5 Tips on How to Identify the Good Mechanical Watch

July 31st, 2018

Every good mechanical watch is popular for specific features which distinguish it from the fake watch.And if you’re a true watch lover, you’ll appreciate the qualities of a true, high-quality watch.This post will enlighten you on how to identify a good mechanical watch.From the watch movement, hands, weight to the watch complications, you should spend your cash on quality and class.

How to Identify the Good Mechanical Watch

Factors that Determine a Good Mechanical Watch

Before you buy a watch, check the following:

  •  Mechanical movement
  • Watch Complications
  •  Weight
  • Hand movement
  • Price

Mechanical Movement

With attention to watch movements, a good mechanical watch has a functional and reliable mechanical movement.

While it may not be at accurate as the quartz movement, the mechanical movement is often designed in-house. For instance, top brands like Omega and Rolex carry out repeated testing on their watches before putting them up for sale.

Watch Complications

Not many watches additional dials and hands or functions for world clock/time zones. When you find a watch with such capabilities and they perform impressively, then you’ve found yourself a good mechanical watch.

Today, some people may argue that nobody needs a watch with such abilities since we’ve got smartphones.

But in the real sense, smartwatches are making waves faster than ever before.

a.b.art Mechanical Watch


The weight of a watch is another strong point to check before buying a watch.

Fake watches are often lightweight as they’re made up of poor quality metals, glass, and hands.

A good mechanical watch will have remarkable weight because the components are original. Plus, the movement combines several parts that typically make the wrist feel heavier.

Hand Movement

When you see a watch will a silent sweeping movement, it’s a good mechanical watch.

How can you be sure?

Unlike the quartz watch hands which move once per second, the mechanical watch hand makes a sweeping movement.

Hence, if you find a mechanical watch with loud sound and slower hand movement, that’s most likely a fake.

Watch Price

It’s common knowledge that mechanical watches are normally expensive. Most good mechanical watches cost many hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Although all expensive watches aren’t of good quality, you can identify a fake watch by its sheer affordability.

 Good Mechanical Watch

What Makes the Mechanical Watch a Popular Choice?

Except for people who prefer quartz watches, many individuals appreciate the engineering and creativity that defines the mechanical watch.

The typical mechanical watch is an embodiment of care, art, and heritage. And identifying a good watch is as important as buying a car.

You’ll agree that the quartz watch is widely used because of its accuracy, durability, and ease of mass production. Nonetheless, the automatic watch has won more hearts.

Now, you’re wondering how that’s impossible.

A Little History on the Mechanical Watch

Many centuries ago, craftsmen, noble individuals, and men of the military saw the need for clocks to be easy to move around.

Time has always been of essence, and the mechanical watch was born.

Apart from the fact that the mechanical movement required winding, people have linked this timepiece with wealth and luxury.

In all, if you want to spend on a good mechanical watch, check first that the above factors are in place,And must know How to Maintain the Mechanical Watch. Best of luck!

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