5 Tips on How to Wear a Watch Chicly

May 4th, 2018

Do you ever doubt if you wear your watch correctly? Does the brand you wear match your budget? Do you wear the right type of watch for the right occasion? Do your outfits bring out the glamor and sophistication of whatever watch you have on your wrist? All of these questions bother on how to wear a watch chicly And if you can answer them in the positive, you’re well on the way to making a fashion or formal statement without words.

People hold in high esteem those who match their watch with style. While price may matter, how you wear your watch with style matters even more. If you’ve never been a watch enthusiast, this post will guide you on the essential tips that influence how you combine the right watch with the right event, time of the day, outfit, and mood.

How to Wear a Watch Chicly

Ideas on When to Wear a Watch Chicly

· The type of watch you own determines when you’ll wear a watch. Do you have a casual timepiece or a fashion watch? Is it a field watch? A diver’s watch? A luxury watch? Some watches are designed to fit different purposes and situations. Nonetheless, in recent times, pilot watches and diver’s watches have moved further into formal settings.

· If you’re young, you can wear a watch chicly even at the office. Consider wearing an a.b.art brand, for example. You’ll never have to “flaunt” your smartphone or always “consult with it” before you before you know what your next event should be. This ease adds to your professional look and convinces others that you’re not one of the millennials who spend every single minute of the day checking notifications, statuses, and updates.

· Owning a rich collection of watches is another amazing way to wear a watch chicly. Nobody likes being predictable. Besides, why should your friends be able to say the exact watch you’ll wear on a day? Bring in some surprise. Buy multiple watches with different craftsmanship and brand names. You can vary the movements as well – mechanical or quartz. Throw in some spice into your watch wearing and you’ll be unique among the pack.

How to Wear a Watch Chicly

· Express your fashion sense in your watch choices. Avoid being nonchalant about your outfits. Even though it’s generally believed that men wear few jewelry and accessories, don’t neglect the need to blend your cuffs and belts with the right strap or band. Black leather fits almost all outfits well but you may also need to vary your choices to avoid looking the same at all times.

· Watches with quartz movement require battery replacement from time to time. Hence, it would be odd if you forgot to change the watch when due. As much as possible, learn what your watch case looks like and know the type of battery that your watch will need.

You can wear a watch chicly by blending your watch with the right outfit, wearing it at the right time, and keeping a brilliant collection. And you can boost your style and confidence when you combine fashion with functionality. Have you visited a.b.art store?

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