8 Advantages of Wearing a Watch

April 24th, 2018

With the prevalence of smartphones, many people may wonder why we still need watches. Apart from the fact that watches tell the time, they serve other purposes that include defining style, staying accountable, collecting memories, and providing ease. As you learn these advantages of wearing a watch, begin to think of the next watch you want to buy.

dvantages of Wearing a Watch

  Why Should You Wear a Watch?

Obviously, you know you have to keep track of time and stay on top of your game. But is that all? Can you wear your smartphone on your wrist with convenience? Can you stand out in the crowd when you don’t have a luxury watch on? Below are many more advantages of wearing a watch.

 1. Style

Wearing a watch defines your style and gives your personality the quality that you deserve. Unlike women who have a lot of fashion accessories including bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more, men have only their watch.

Hence, when you wear a watch, you make that fashion statement you’ve long been wishing to make. The right dress or fashion watch gives you the perfect look and builds your confidence at the same time.

2. Comfort

While it is true that smartphones are better alternatives to wristwatches, they aren’t replacements. Imagine you have to check the time and you don’t have a wristwatch on. What would you do? Dip your hand in your pockets or go rummaging through your handbag to find the phone. Isn’t that a long process compared to simply turning your arm and looking at the face of the watch?

Save yourself the “stress of looking for your phone” and wear a watch that matches your business outfit or other clothing.

dvantages of Wearing a Watch

  3. Accountability

Studies have shown that people who wear watches at work are more accountability and great at time management. Wearing a watch keeps you conscious of time and deadlines. If you’ll be busy typing or attending to mails, a watch on your wrist can serve as a prompter for reminding you of the next activity or assignment.

4. Extra Functionality

These days, watches are alarms, compasses, and blood pressure monitors among other things. You don’t have to depend on the different apps on your phone to serve these purposes. Luxury watches come with great craftsmanship and modern technology that make them more intelligent than humans. So, when you need to lose weight, go diving, track your blood pressure or even kill a habit, a Citizen or Timex can make it all possible.

 5. Interview Essential

Even if they don’t say it, interviewers like prospective employees who are time-conscious. As you answer your questions, you may need to follow up on time to be sure that you’re not under/over-performing.

Did you know you can check the time on your watch without the interviewers noticing? But if it were your smartphone, you’d have to pull it out of your bag or pocket. Not right!

dvantages of Wearing a Watch

  6. Sense of Belonging

In an age where newer watch styles and builds keep gracing the face of fashion, there’s nothing like having your own watch. The sense of belonging that comes with wearing a watch breeds confidence. Assume you’re in a room with many other people and they’ve all got watches but none is as extravagant as yours. You’ll feel on top of the world at such moments and enjoy all eyes being on you. Who doesn’t like some little attention?

7. Sign of Maturity

Yes, kids also wear watches but those are nothing like the Patek Philippe, Timex or Rolex. These watches are associated with adulthood and class – the proper definition of manliness, boldness, and simplicity. What children or teenagers often wear are colorful and childish cartoon-character watches.

 8. Watch the Time

We made this the last even though everyone knows it’s the first. The need to watch the time keeps us in tune with ourselves and daily routines. Wearing a watch helps us to build that relationship with time that can’t be built any other way. We become more responsible, serious, and committed to both big and small things.

Have you found other advantages of wearing a watch? Don’t hesitate to share them and keep these ones always on your mind when you pick new wristwatches.attention 【a.b.art official website】Learn more about Watches news.

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