A Guide to Watch Straps: What is the Best Watch Strap?

June 18th, 2018

If you own only a few watches, you may by now be tired of wearing the same watch with the same outfit. Everybody loves some spice, and this also affects our watches. As much as we agree that a black leather strap matches most outfits, it can get boring at some point. And then, you’ll need to get the best watch strap that provides variation and style.

We take you through some of the most common watch straps and bands. We also help you decide on the best watch band material or the most comfortable watch strap for the right occasion and weather.

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What’s Special About Switching Watch Straps?

Can you think of the possible benefits which accompany possessing more than one or two watch bands? If you have only two watches and up to six watch straps, you have SIX watches in the real sense.

This is the best part of switching watch straps. A collection of watch straps allow you to vary your watch look to match your outfit. You don’t have to panic at the thought of being predictable as far as your watches are concerned.

Another advantage of switching watch straps is that you get to save money on buying an entirely new watch. Even the best watch strap don’t cost too many hundreds or thousands. But if you had to buy a new watch, you can expect to shell out a worthwhile sum to get a quality timepiece.

Whether you own a rally watch strap or a military watch band, what matters is that your timepiece can fulfill its fashion function as well.

Watch Straps

Most Common Watch Straps

During summertime, it’s a given to pick a watch strap that takes the weather into consideration. Usually, the most preferred straps include rubber, nylon, and canvas. And this is because they allow better airflow and you can easily wash them of sweat or sand. The following are the most common straps:


· Contrast Stitching

· Classic Leather

· Ballistic Nylon Strap

· Silicon Dive Strap

· Double Ridge Strap

· Zulu

· Curved End Rubber Strap

· Aviator/Pilot

· Bund

· Mesh Stainless Steel Bracelet

· Hunter Racing Rally Strap

· Tropic Band

· Milanese Mesh Band

· Shark Mesh

· Link

· Leather Racing Strap

Before you pick any of these straps or bracelets, you should consider their material. Classic leather is always a first choice but if you feel like you want a change, go for it. Italian leather is usually unbeatable and luxurious, and an impressive choice for formal occasions.

As with the internal mechanism of a watch, you should consider immersion and security when picking the best watch strap for your timepiece. NATO and Zulu straps often come in leather, nylon, and rubber materials which have security clamps which are secure and reliable.

What is the Best Watch Strap?

The Best Watch Strap: Your Preference

Inasmuch as we would love to choose the classic leather as the best watch strap, this band would fail you when it meets water or an extreme temperature. The contrast stitching also holds a very striking appeal, and the NATO remains a leading style if you like the military vibe.

We can throw in a good word for all the watch straps listed above. But what remains most important is your preference. What strap matches your dress sense? What strap will make you feel most comfortable and confident?

When you find that one, stick with it! That’s the best watch strap for you. Our watches come in a variety of watch straps. Visit our store now.

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