Battery Change Steps For Quartz Watch

May 14th, 2018

Have you noticed that your quartz watch has stopped keeping time? There’s every chance that the battery needs a replacement. Whether you have a digital or analog watch, this is the first concern you should address as the quartz watch is famous for its accuracy and strength. Now, if you need ideas on how to change the battery in a quartz watch, you should read this post.

Change the Battery in a Quartz Watch

How does a Quartz Watch Use a Battery?

When planning to change the battery in a quartz watch, you should note the following things. First, why does the quartz watch need a battery? The quartz watch is made of a quartz crystal that oscillates and an electronic circuit that powers other components of the watch. Without a battery, a quartz watch cannot power the in-built system in the watch or serve its timekeeping purpose as expected.

How to Remove the Quartz Battery

Usually, the battery is fitted into a contact/hold-down strap. The positive strap is at the side while the negative strap is on the bottom. For proper functioning, the straps should always be clean and free of any form of residue.

In some cases, the battery could also be held in place with a screw. Use a flat screwdriver to remove the battery without tampering with the watch movement. Any contact with the watch movement which is the “power house” may ruin the watch engine to a great extent. And if there is no screw or strap, simply dip a screwdriver tip into the side of the positive contact and lift the battery out of it. Apply caution as you do this so that the positive contact stays intact and is not moved out of place.

 battery change steps for analog watches

Replace the New Battery

Once you’ve confirmed the type of watch you use, you can get a new battery. If you use an analog quart watch, you can follow these procedures. But if yours is a digital quartz watch, resetting the circuit is what works.

Repeat the removal procedure for replacing the new battery into your quartz watch. Fix the new battery in the same space where the old one had been. For wearers of digital quartz watch, you reset the circuit by holding the battery with your metal tweezers and touching the positive contact at the same time. Observe the gold/silver-colored dot with “AC” on the rear of the watch movement. Once you clear this, the display will fade and prepare for a battery change.

When you’re sure that you’ve secured the battery into place properly, you can replace your watch case. But before that, ensure that the waterproof rings are also in their place. Next, watch the hands for hour, minute, and second to confirm that they’re working correctly.

Cleanliness is important when changing the battery in your analog quartz watch. The gears that power the tiny motors need no contact with dirt or oil residue. In the digital quartz watch, you have to clear the AC area before your watch can return to new.

With these steps on how to change the battery in your quartz watch, you can enjoy your quartz watch for many years even without servicing. Battery replacement often takes place after about 4 years; so, you can trust that your watch will serve its purpose for a long time. But remember, if you don’t know Characteristics of a quartz watch,You must to have a professional do the job, find one and trust them to bring your watch back to life.

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