Best Watch Choice for Men in Different Ages

May 31st, 2018

As you move from one decade to the next, your choice of watches will change. Some people believe that young men who don’t make as much money as billionaires cannot afford watches of $10,000 and above. In fact, many people who wear quartz watches simply pay between $10 and $200. But people who fancy luxury watches reach for those in the range of $1,000; however, it’s not just about the price. Learn the watch choice for men in different ages.

Best Watch Choice for Men in Different Ages

Best Watches for Young Men

In this age where smartphones now do the job of watches, it’s easy to argue that young men don’t need watches. Nonetheless, since a watch is the next best accessory that accompanies a man’s clothing, you don’t want to be without one.

Now, while it’s true that you may not have all the money to afford a luxury watch, you can select a watch that matches your lifestyle and makes your friends proud of you. Check out Touch X series.

Young men, typically fall between the age bracket of 18 and 35, and they often have a fashion sense that exudes youth and confidence. When you select your casual wear, say jeans, a classy shirt, and boots, a preferable watch choice is one with a metal band or even the all-purpose leather band watch. A digital or dress watch can also accompany your youthful style and keep you looking energetic. If you decide to dress in a business outfit, then a pilot of field watch would do just fine. Touch X series

Best Watches for Professional Men

If you’re anywhere between 25 and 50, there’s no doubt that your watch choice will be influenced by your clothing style. Men in this age group tend to attend more interviews, take on different careers, try new fashion trends, and so on. As you follow the transition from youth to middle-aged, people will expect you to increase your level of uniqueness. And this must be evident in the timepieces in your collection.

As you wear casual shirts with collars and combine them with the right jackets, pick a silver watch that’s classy and simple. When you decide to go formal, avoid wearing a dive watch because that would be clumsy. A high-end chronometer, diver watch or even a dress watch is ideal. If you’ll be going out for sports or diving, the diver’s watch or sport watch would be perfect.

Best Watch

Best Watches for Men 50 years and Above

As you grow older and more people treat you with even more respect, your watch must make a strong statement. Your size also matters when picking a watch. If you’re thin, a slim watch is preferred, but if you’re huge, something robust is the best. The best watch choice for this decade is anything from the luxury watch class. Something from the pilot or field watch family will also present you as respectable and polished.

Above all, always match your watch (preferably with a leather band) with your shoes and other accessories. Remember that the best watch choice for men is more about your dress sense and preference. So, feel free to choose watches that fit your personality.

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