Frankenwatches: What is a Watch Mismatch Error?

June 21st, 2018

Sometimes, watches may not come with complete and original components. Have you ever visited an online store where you were sold a watch with parts which could be traced to different watches? This is what occurs with a watch mismatch error; however, it’s not actually an error. While some believe the motive is to deceive buyers, others claim it’s a form of innovation. Discover more.

Watch Mismatch Error

What is a Watch Mismatch Error?

Some watchmakers sell what is commonly known as “Frankenwatches.” Look at it as a combination of “Frankenstein” and “watches,” and interestingly, there’s no single definition to this term. When you consider a newly-bought watch and you can’t help but marvel at its strangeness, then there’s every chance that something isn’t right.

In simple terms, a mismatch error occurs when a watch combines parts of watches, original or fake, to form a new watch. Imagine a Rolex crown on a Breitling watch case, and a Seiko dial face. Go a step further to inspect the watch movement, and you may just find a gear that doesn’t fit one bit.

Such “creativity” is what amounts to a watch mismatch error. And for some, this is a trait of a fake watch. Fake watches often possess watch components that are below good quality or poorly fitted to the watch in question. But for some others, Frankenwatches are common on eBay, and it takes an old-time watch collector to spot the difference.


How Does a Mismatch Error Occur?

It’s important to emphasize that mismatch errors hardly ever occur from original watch manufacturers. The combination of inauthentic materials into a timepiece is considered a watch crime, and locally-based dealers are often guilty of this crime.

Such supposed error is common with vintage watches, but this is no excuse. When you decide to buy a vintage watch, you’re entitled to an authentic vintage watch. But if you find replacement of parts such as the case, hands, dial, crystal or crown, then that dealer has just sold you sub-standard.

But let’s pause to think.

If this error isn’t an error after all, why do insiders label such watches “Frankenwatches?” In truth, nobody likes to be sold the hand-me-down version of a thing. Such watches are only preferred because they are cheap and a collection of many brands.

So, when you notice that a part of your watch is older/newer than the others, raise a brow. As a matter of fact, Frankenwatches are often modified after rare luxury watches, and the intent of assembling them and releasing them as new isn’t always deceitful. In a situation where the original manufacturer no longer designs a movement or part of the internal mechanism, the watchmaker may decide to make use of a part from another watch.

Hence, a watch mismatch error can be both a blessing and a curse.

What is a Watch Mismatch Error

Take Home

If you love vintage watches but don’t want to fall into the trap of dealers who sell Frankenwatches at exorbitant prices, approach a watchmaker that you trust.

Do you want something more affordable or different from the original timepiece? Feel free to try something different. A mismatch error may just end up making you unique.

What remains essential is that you’re not deceived and you don’t deceive others into believing that the watch was manufactured that way.

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