How Much Should You Pay to Replace a Watch Battery?

May 15th, 2018

To keep your quartz watch working correctly, you need to fix it when something goes wrong. You may need to simply exchange the battery with a new one or request a full change of the movement. In this post, we’ll discuss how much you should pay to replace a watch battery.

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The Need to Replace a Watch Battery

When a watch battery stops working, the watch quartz movement also ceases to function. You need to exchange the battery for a new one. The price for such repairs varies depending on the type of watch or other servicing cost which will accompany the battery replacement.

Dive watches, for example, require special tools for battery replacement and must be pressure tested after they’ve been opened. Waterproof watches also cost much, usually not less than $20.

In other cases, the type of the battery itself can require that you pay a particular cost. If you can get a good jeweler, you should find a new battery that will last for a minimum of a year. Some batteries can cost as little as $5 and the entire servicing cost may not exceed $10.

But the best way to go is to trust a professional jeweler to find the battery that’ll be suitable for your watch and will not require much time for repair. And since there are special batteries for different watches, you can check out these types on Amazon. They often come at a very affordable rate, and you can pick up an inexpensive watch replacement kit as well for DIY repair.

Some people suggest using solar-powered watches by Citizen or a Kinetic Seiko watch. These are good options if you prefer a timepiece that’ll last forever. However, expect them to cost a little more (up to $300) than the usual timepiece. The downside with solar-powered watches is that they may not always be better than the regular batteries. Changing them can cost up to $50 and they may rarely last for a reasonable period. watches Battery

How Much Should You Pay?

Now that you know that the cost of a battery replacement depends on the type of battery and type of watch, we can come up with the minimum for most watches. Based on surveys of watch wearers, the least price you should pay to replace a watch battery is $10.

This minimum price applies to watches that cannot be dipped into water because they are subject to leak. Servicing requires less time compared to water resistant watches. To replace the battery in a water resistant quartz watch, you’ll have to pay between $45 and $60, as they must be resealed and pressure-tested. Also, they require the use of professional tools to ensure that the seal does not come off anytime soon. This price also covers cleaning of the watch case.

Watches with chronograph models tend to cost higher to replace the battery. Say between $65 and $95. And to ascertain that the exchange will be worth every dollar you spend, consider choosing a jeweler who is experienced in fixing your type of watch and can effectively perform other adjustments.

As you now know how much you should pay to replace a watch battery, make sure you determine the type of watch or battery you need before you put any money down. Watches with a good battery will last forever. Find out more about watches.