How to Change the Battery in Your Watch?

April 19th, 2018

Has your watch stopped ticking? It means the battery needs a replacement. And you don’t have to visit a watch mender (yet, maybe) because you can fix it yourself once you know the brand and type of watch it is. You can change the battery in your watch using the guidelines in this article.

  Tools You Need to Change the Battery

To change the battery in your watch, you need a new battery, knife or scissors, and screwdriver (preferably one with a mini flat head).

Opening the Back of the Watch

Before you open the back of your watch, find out the type of watch case it is. The four main types of watch cases include screw off, snap back, small screws watch, and swatch watch cases. All types have different instructions for opening them and removing the battery. Open the snap back by inserting a tool into the indentation at the back. Unscrew the screws if it’s a screw off back. Swatch watches can be opened with the edge of a penny and screw off back needs glue to get it off.

Apart from watch cases, we have types of watch backs – waterproof and non-waterproof. Watches with waterproof backs need to be rotated in anticlockwise motion. To unscrew this type of back, you need a tool that can help you to fit it back in place once you are through with changing the battery. Non-waterproof backs can be opened with the two ends of a scissors or a knife. You simply place the knife between the rim of the back and the body of the watch and lift it. However, be careful not to destroy the rubber ring around the rim of the back.

  How to Find the Correct Battery

When your watch needs a replacement, you must first find the correct battery. Batteries come with codes and you can find them on the top side of the battery or on the back of the watch. An easy way is to search the web for the code. You may find links that have the same battery code.

Also, batteries come in different sizes and voltages. So ensure that the codes, sizes, and voltage are the same before you get one.

How to Remove the Battery

As you try to change the battery in your watch, study how the battery fits into its base. Batteries may be screwed in or protected with a spring clip or retaining bar. If it’s screwed in, unscrew carefully and take note of the direction it follows, but if it’s shielded firmly by a clip, lift the clip with the screwdriver, and the battery will pop out.

 How to Fit the New Battery

Once the old battery is out, carefully replace it with the new battery while recollecting the procedures you followed previously. Be sure that it fits into the base properly. Use non-metal tweezers for this purpose. When you’ve placed the battery correctly, press it down with a non-metal object.

 Replacing the Back of the Watch

Don’t close the back of the watch until you’re sure that the new battery is now functioning. In replacing the watch case, pay attention to how you removed it in the first place. Screw in screws and close or snap into place where necessary. Also, be careful not to destroy the rubber ring around the rim.

Now that you have learned how to change the battery in your watch, you don’t have to wait to see a watchmaker. However, if you still aren’t sure of what to do, find a professional instead. Quick tip – pull out the pin on the side of your watch when you’re not using the watch. It preserves the new battery.attention 【 official website】Learn more about Watches news.

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