How to Discover a Watch Problem and Solve it?

June 17th, 2018

Many watch repairers are familiar with the common problems that cause watches to stop working. These problems range from a faulty mechanism, broken mainspring, loosened screw to incorrect ticking. All of these problems can be easily resolved when they are identified by expert watchmakers. This post explains how you can discover a watch problem and make moves to fix it.

discover a watch problem

Common Watch Problems

Many of the common watch problems can be traced to more of wear and tear than manufacturing faults. Everyone knows how painful it can be to invest in a designer watch and wake up one day to discover that it no longer works.

Rather than abandon the watch and keep feeling bad, we suggest that you find out the watch problem and do something to solve it. Even if the fault looks beyond you, look for a professional watchmaker who can restore the watch to its ideal setting.

The most common watch problems include the following:

· Water Damage

When your watch comes in contact with water or any liquid, it may cease to work as normal. If you’re out during a downpour or you go diving with a non-resistant watch, moisture can find its way in.

You’ll most likely observe this first on the dial face as it may look foggy and the hands may be less visible.

As soon as you discover this problem, visit a watch technician to dry your watch and confirm that the damage hasn’t affected the mechanism.

How to Wash the Quartz Watch

· Physical Problems

Physical problems occur when your watch falls many times or gets smashed on hard surfaces. Forceful impact can also cause very adverse effects on the inner parts of your watch and cause the watch to stop working.

If screws get out of place or the gear ceases to function as expected, see an experienced watchmaker. And if such parts can be repaired, you may not have to cough out so much money. But if they require replacement, it’s advisable that you spend well to get quality.

· Weak Battery

Most watches need battery replacement after two to three years. If you notice that your watch has stopped working, it may be a consequence of a weak battery.

We suggest that you find the best battery for your watch or consult a watch repairer who knows a lot about watches and servicing. Not all watches allow DIY battery replacement; hence, always consider a professional as a first option. Quartz Watch Battery

· Dusty Mechanism

A dusty and dirty mechanism can reduce the performance of a watch. Allowing dirt and oil residue to get into a watch or remain in it often stops a watch from working or ticking correctly.

Regular servicing allows the watch parts to be cleaned and oiled. Once you find this problem, act fast, otherwise the watch may need a replacement altogether.

· Broken Mainspring

Regular winding (in mechanical and automatic watches) can cause a mainspring to break. Sadly, a damaged spring may affect the parts of the gear wheel and the overall function of a watch.

Hence, go to a watchmaker’s workshop and have the experts replace the broken spring. Also ensure that other wheels are unaffected.

With the common problems discussed in this post, you can easily discover a watch problem and get a solution. Always visit a professional, so that you can get value and enjoy your watch for a very long time.

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