How to Distinguish a Fake Watch from a Real Watch

June 11th, 2018

Most people spend a lot of money to build their watch collection because they know the value of quality. However, with the growing number of counterfeit watches, it’s often a difficult task to distinguish a fake watch from a real watch.whether any of the brands, you can always sight the difference between original and replica watches.this post will guide you on how to tell if a watch is real or not.

Distinguish a Fake Watch from a Real Watch

Steps Involved in Identifying a Real Watch

Before you invest in a watch, you need to understand the value of money. You can’t afford to allow yourself be swindled by thieves that care nothing about your hard work or needs.

You might be wondering “how do I identify a fake watch?”

Know this: luxury watches are often targets of fraudsters, many of whom are located in Asia. These people understand the value which love enthusiasts place on their watches. Hence, they’d go to any length to replicate the actual watches and sell them as original.

  • Know the Signature of a Brand or Model Before you Purchase a Watch

It’s never enough to be interested in buying a new watch. You must do your research about the brand and specific model you want.

Now, how do you achieve this?

Surf the internet. Visit authentic websites and read details about the watch. Find out key information about the model number, craftsmanship, ownership history, and other materials used in the manufacturing process.

When you know almost everything about the brand of a watch including the set retail price, you can confidently distinguish a fake watch from a real watch.

Steps Involved in Identifying a Real Watch

  • Buy from Only Reputable Watch Dealers

One common mistake many people make is approaching just any store that specializes in watch sales.

But the first step really is to approach only reputable watch sellers who have some form of relationship with the original watch makers. Apart from this, you can ask the sellers for documents that prove the originality of a watch including paperwork.

Be mindful of sellers whose watches are highly affordable and far below the retail price of a watch. If you find a Rolex watch of $50, then you know without doubt that it’s a fake watch.

Once you’ve achieved the two steps above, take note of the following in the watch:

1、Movement – Fake watches have counterfeit movement since the fraudsters can never produce a matching craftsmanship.

2、 Dial Face – Look out for omitted or wrongly designed brand logos.

3、 Hands – Inconsistent watch hands signal inauthentic watches.

4、Model Number – A fake watch has a poorly written model number.

5、Weight – Real watches always weigh more than fake watches since the counterfeit is made with less quality materials.

6、 Sound – Fake watches always tick louder than the real ones as pseudo manufacturers cannot work the gear to a point of perfection.

7、 Bracelet/Band – A real watch is sophisticated, not excessively ostentatious. However, fake watches have this extra shine that comes off as a red flag. Mesh Band

Bottom Line

Identifying a fake watch begins with knowing what the real watch looks like. So, before you make any purchase, familiarize yourself with real features, design, and price.

When you can distinguish a fake watch from a real watch, you’ll never have to lose a penny to fraudsters. At, all our watches are original, and you never have to fear being sold a counterfeit timepiece. Visit our store now for watches made with brilliance and simplicity.