How to Maintain Mechanical Watch?

March 28th, 2019

Mechanical watch has a fine watch structure, exquisite appearance while you can tell how much blood the designer has put into this only by this look. Mechanical watch symbolize a taste, grade, and charming vibe, but how to maintain the mechanical watch in the usual wear has become a big issue. Many people in real life wear watches very casually. They don’t pay attention to maintenance at all. Maintenance is essential to avoid issues occurring. You don’t have to feel that you have spent thousands of dollars to a bad watch. In fact, as long as you get the hang of it, you can extend the life of the mechanical watch.

Maintain Mechanical Watch


1. Avoid Collision and Tilting

Although the mechanical watch type uses the movement spring to swing or rotate, it provides power for the watch, but it still should be noted to avoid long-term swinging, which will end up with watch’s balance shaft breaking or the smart movement’s screws loosening.

2. Avoid Water

Even if the mechanical watch is marked with waterproof, you should still avoid excessive water touching, especially hot water and vapor.

3. Avoid Magnetism

If you constantly find problems with your watch’s timing system, then you should consider whether the parts of the watch are magnetized. How to prevent that from happening? Stay away from the magnetic field! For example, refrigerators, stereos, computers, mobile phones, etc. Not only need to pay attention when wearing, but also keep away from these places when storing watches.

4. Regular Maintenance

Even if you are very careful when wearing mechanical watches, it is still recommend that you carry out professional maintenance every 1~2 years. Such as mirror maintenance, clockwork maintenance, oil maintenance and so on. It is best to find a professional agency or post-sales information.

Mechanical Watch

5. Calibration

Mechanical watches inevitably require calibration of the date. Of course, there is no difficulty in that, but it should be noted that between 9 PM and 3 AM is the forbidden adjustment zone. The gears of the various parts of the watch during this time period are slowly snapping, and forcibly adjusting may cause mechanical damage.