How to Maintain the Swiss Watch?

August 31st, 2018

To maintain your watch and keep it in great condition, you need to treat it like one of your jewelry. Of course, people pay more attention to jewelry because they know the value and cost attached to it. The same thing works when you think about how to maintain the Swiss watch.

What makes the Swiss watch special? Its history, materials, and prize! Learn how to maintain your Swiss watch in order to have it on your wrist for a long time.

Maintain the Swiss Watch

Steps Involved in Caring for Your Swiss Watch

1. Cleaning

Cleaning your Swiss watch helps to remove the particles that sometimes find their way into the watch. Areas around the crown, lug, and watch band often need to be wiped.

Now, what do you clean with?

Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe off the surfaces and other areas that might retain dirt. But we recommend that you never wipe with soap or any harsh detergent, as this can send in some particles which may affect the function of your watch.

Also, apply caution when cleaning the watch band. If you have a leather watch, it won’t be good to wipe with water as this may tamper with the quality of the band.

2. Servicing

There’s no gainsaying that servicing is an important part of watch care. To maintain your Swiss watch, you need to have an authorized dealer check it from time to time.

Apparently, mechanical watches need to be overhauled occasionally to check for faulty parts or problems with the movement.You may also want to know《Tips on How to Maintain the Mechanical Watch》.

Even though watches may have minor faults and you may want to repair them by yourself, it’s often better to visit a watch repairer. These experts often know how best to fix what. Swiss Watch

3. Storing

Keeping your watch in the right place is a good way to maintain it. When you’re not wearing your Swiss watch, it’s better to store it in the watch case or even in a safe.

Again, watches with automatic movements should be kept on a watch winder when they’re not in use. The watch winder is an automatic tool that winds the watch in your absence.

4. Movement Winding

Another excellent way to maintain the Swiss watch is to wind the movement at the right times and sufficiently. Obviously, you know that it’s wrong to wind your watch on your wrist.

Also, look out for when the power reserve is near empty so that you can wind again and keep the watch working.

5. Watch Band Replacement

Watch bands including leather and metal need to be changed after some time. Thus, we’ll suggest that you get a variety of watch straps so that you can replace the old one on your Swiss watch.

Altogether, the best way to maintain your Swiss watch is to treat it like one of your jewelry items. The longer your watch lives for, the better.

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