How to Use the Full Automatic Mechanical Watch?

July 23rd, 2018

The automatic mechanical watch, also called self-winding watch, is a more convenient version of the mechanical watch. As a matter of fact, many people prefer to avoid the manual winding efforts of the manual watch. And since the automatic watch offers automatic winding, life is better.

We’d like you to know the Classification of the Mechanical Watch.

Use the Full Automatic Mechanical Watch

Wear Your Automatic Watch Daily

Obviously, the secret to using the automatic mechanical watch is wearing it. Your degree of activeness goes a long way in determining how well your watch will wind and gather energy. A well-wound automatic watch would have up to 48 hours power in its power reserve.

In all, the best part of using this functional timepiece is keeping it on your wrist regularly and for a long time.

Winding the Automatic Mechanical Watch

When you wear the full automatic mechanical watch regularly, the movement of your wrist influences the mainspring. Interestingly, this movement causes the weighted rotor in the watch to move and supply energy to the mainspring which then distributes it among other gears and trains.

As soon as the watch is wound sufficiently, a slipping clutch stops the mainspring from winding. Excessive winding of the mechanical watch can destroy certain components or cause early wear and tear of parts. Such damage may ultimately result in untimely repairs and unplanned expenses.

Hence, one of the best ways to use your full automatic mechanical watch is to wind it within the acceptance range. With attention to the winding process in an automatic watch, people may argue that it’s impossible to overwind. But we find that the mechanism in the automatic watch isn’t very strong.

Automatic Mechanical Watch

Consider Using a Watch Winder to Preserve Your Watch

Another excellent way of winding your automatic watch is with the watch winder. A watch winder takes care of the winding needs of your watch when you’re not active enough to keep the parts working. If you’re more of an indoor person or someone who enjoys working from home, you may hardly find the time and right movement needed to wind the automatic watch.

In light of this, it’s advisable to place your self-winding timepiece in a watch winder. Through the mechanical movements of this device, the parts of your watch can remain functional. What the winder does is that it restores motion to the moving parts of your watch.

If you won’t be using your watch on a particular day, consider placing it on a watch winder. Generally, this winder box uses electricity, precisely batteries, to power your automatic mechanical watch and keep your watch time and functions accurate. Mechanical Watch

Keep Your Winding Rotor Intact

In brief, the best way to use your full automatic mechanical watch is to wind it frequently and protect it when it’s not in use.

The heart of your automatic watch is the rotor, and your wrist movement will determine how it works. So, don’t go jamming your wrist against surfaces or turning it excessively.

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