Mesh Band and Leather Band-Which is Better?

May 30th, 2018

Are you looking to buy a new watch or fix an old one? One thing that most people consider is the watch strap. There’s the debate about which band is whether – is it the leather band or the metal strap? Which of them provides more comfort and style? Can you swap watch bands and are there any unspoken rules for selecting your watch bands? Let’s get down to the mesh band vs. leather band discussion.

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Factors Involved in Choosing a Watch Band

When choosing a watch band, you should consider the style and convenience which the watch provides, as well as its original function to tell time. The way your watch looks affects the overall appearance of your personality. Hence, your choice of watch strap or band shouldn’t be undermined. Whether you choose the mesh band (metal) or the leather strap, you must get have a good understanding of the plusses and downsides of both.

People often choose leather band watches because they’re more formal and professional. Watches with leather bands can easily be spotted when matched correctly with your outfit. You should always match your attire with your watch, and the black leather is often the most selected, as it stands out strongly and remains the number one color for many pants or shoes. The leather band watch remains a preferred choice for people in the corporate world. It mostly reflects confidence, authority, and class, especially in the workplace. Leather Band

As much as the leather band is considered formal, it cannot be worn at all times. Summer remains an unsuitable time to wear your leather band watch, since the heat makes it uncomfortable. This could also cause some swellings on your wrist.

Another issue with the leather band is its maintenance. When you wear the watch frequently, it becomes susceptible to slitting and tearing, and may break at points where you join both straps with the buckle. Also, if your leather band watch gets wet, it may be the beginning of the ruin of that watch. Irrespective of these drawbacks, the look and feel of the leather band makes it a top choice.

The mesh band is known to have low-cost maintenance and a higher durability prospect. Because of the well-woven metals, this band fails to age quickly and only requires regular polishing. Unlike the leather strap, the mesh band watch does not have problems with heat or sweat. And even if it gets moist, it can dry up very quickly. The metal used for this cannot tear or break can be firmly fitted to your wrist. Mesh Band

However, the mesh band is not always treated with as much awe as the leather band. In winter, it can be very uncomfortable, contributing to the cold weather. In formal situations, it’s less preferred and unacknowledged, and it says very little about your style and personality. Even though the mesh band is practical, the leather band can give you a more refined look which attracts people to you (and your watch of course).

The mesh band (like the Shark mesh and the Milanese mesh steel) remains a timeless watch band and you’ll find it on dress watches. has also got great watches with metal bracelets. But if you’re up for the leather band, also has got really great stuff.

At, our watches come in a variety of watch bands that allow you build a collection and swap bands whenever you want to.

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