Should You Wear Your Watch on Your Left Hand or Right Hand?

June 1st, 2018

Many people wonder about whether to wear their watch on their right or left hand. Some believe that wearing the watch on the left hand provides more comfort and ease. This opinion is based on the fact that most people are right-handed, and they carry out most of their tasks with their right hand. While there are no rules on the best hand to wear your watch, this article will emphasize the need for you to wear your watch on the hand that suits you and provides the most convenience.

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Why Most People Wear their Watch on Their Left Hand

The earliest type of watches that could be moved around was the pocket watch, and after it came the wristwatches made for women. Men later wore watches not for fashion but mainly for timing on the battlefield. Soldiers needed time-keeping accessories, and since their right hands were often busy with weapons and hiding, they wore their watches on the left hand. This became the norm and was passed down throughout history.

Both the quartz watch and mechanical watches often have their crown on the right side of the dial, and setting the time or winding is usually easier with this design. Also, adjusting the buckle is a lot easier when the watch is on the left hand, as you don’t have to struggle to fit it because you have it on the other wrist. Interestingly, many adults grew up with no idea about which wrist was preferred. Many people watched other adults and copied their style. And even though some watches are originally designed as righty watches or lefty watches, they can easily be swapped between wrists.

Wear Your Watch on Your Left Hand or Right Hand

But in the tradition of watch wearing, the rule says that you wear your watch on the less active hand. This orientation has somehow influenced the larger population of watch wearers. But a question that remains dominant is – does this apply to everyone? Of course, there are people who are left-handed, and who do most things with their left hand. Now, since their more active hand is the left one, can they still wear their watch on their left hand?

People who often wear their watch on the right hand are sometimes regarded as non-conformists. But we must ask, “who says you have to conform?” Who decides what rules watch wearers must follow? In the world of fashion, style is all that counts. As much as you find comfort in wearing your watch on the left hand, go ahead! However, if you’d rather wear your watch on your right wrist, don’t be held back by an unspoken rule.

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The Bottom Line

As a matter of fact, when you wear your watch on your left hand, you protect it from regular bumps and hits that could crack the watch crystal or ruin some parts of the design. Hence, the left hand is often a form of protection, because it’s kept away or not as active as the right.

So, we’ll reiterate that it’s not really about the wrist you wear your watch on. It’s about your style, personal comfort, and your desire to define yourself against the tradition or popular trend. Wear your watch on the wrist that suits you best, and feel free to love it, flaunt it, and protect it! Learn more about Top 5 Tips For Wearing a Watch.


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