Smartwatch Classification: Everything You Need to Know

September 5th, 2018

Placing smartwatches in groups begins with an understanding of the variety of products which watchmakers and tech companies produce. Since smartwatches arrived in the late 80s, several variants of them have been produced. Thus, to fully get the hang of smartwatch classification, you should spend some time discovering the different types of smartwatches in existence. Smartwatch

What Types of Smartwatches are Available?

Normally, smartwatches are known to be touchscreen computer-like watches which can perform more features than the traditional watch. From the Apple Watch series to other popular names like Garmin and Samsung Gear, you find that smartwatches or wearables serve different purposes, and, therefore, have different features.

If you’re familiar with smartwatches, you’d know that the smartwatch classification below is the best you can get around. So, read on.

  • Touchscreen vs. Button Interface

Some smartwatches have an interface which can be accessed using touchscreen support whereas others use the normal button on the watch sides. The difference here is that while some smartwatches allow you to easily navigate through apps using buttons, the others make it possible for you to enjoy the touchscreen architecture that you already enjoy on your smartphone.

Irrespective of this distinction, there are watches like the Apple smartwatches which use both touchscreen and button functions. The blend of the two methods provides users with a flexibility that can boost their experience with the smartwatches.

  • Water-Resistant vs. Non-Water-Resistant

As far as water resistance in watches is concerned, smartwatches can also be divided into watches which can resist water vs. those which cannot. Now, you know that water resistant doesn’t automatically imply that your watch is waterproof. Nonetheless, there are watches you can wear occasionally in water, perhaps during a swimming round or in the shower.

However, be careful not to exceed the limit of your water-resistant smartwatch. You may end up ruining it.


  •  Smartwatch for iPhones

Most Apple Watches are designed for iPhones. In other words, to enjoy this type of smartwatch, you need to own an iPhone.

  • Smartwatch for Android & iPhone

Google’s Wear OS fits perfectly on Android and iPhones. But many of these watches have limited functions which can only be best enjoyed when used with the device with the most compatibility.

  • Smartwatches without Smartphone Support

Indeed, watches without smartphone support are becoming available. In the real sense, a smartwatch should be tethered to a smartphone for which it provides notifications and more.

But with these standalone watches, you don’t need a smartphone. And you can still receive notifications, pick calls, send SMSs, and locate your device. Also, you can calculate and enjoy other features.

Smartwatch Classification

Wrapping Up

The factors used to classify smartwatches in this post are based on the common categorization in the smartwatch world for now. In the future, newer designs may be developed to expand this smartwatch classification. Yet, the most important thing is why you need a smartwatch and what features you expect it to have.

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