Top 3 Tips on How to Wear a Watch

April 25th, 2018

Wearing a watch is more than just strapping leather or metal around your wrist. There’s a wrong way to wear a watch. In this post, you’ll learn tips on how to wear a watch. Did you know that people notice details about your watch? So, before you make a choice, think about the details of your watch and how you hope to project your style and confidence through it.

How to Wear a Watch

· Should You Wear a Single Watch Always?

The number of watches you own and wear at all times depends on your personal taste and budget. There’s nothing exactly wrong with not having more than one watch. The major downside is that you’re limited to options and the one you have must match all outfits and occasions.

If you’ll wear a watch all the time, it needs to be neutral and metal. Leather bands may not endure such consistency, but a metal band has a higher chance of staying good even if it’s worn every day. Nonetheless, more than one watch can serve many purposes. You can have one sleek watch for formal situations and a shiny watch for an evening out or a hangout with friends.

· Does Your Watch Fit Your Wrist Correctly?

Another important Tips For Wearing a Watch Correctly is the size of your wrist. For women, it’s okay to wear loose watches. But men who wear loose or tight watches only pass for feminine. Hence, what should be the proportion of your watch to your wrist?

A watch case diameter of 38-42 mm wide will fit a wrist circumference of 6-7 inches. However, a diameter of 44-46 mm wide will be perfect if your wrist circumference exceeds 7 inches.

Why do these things matter?

If your timepiece is too big, you may present yourself as unnecessary ostentatious. And if it’s too small, you may exude little or no confidence. Let you watch make the right statements about you, since, of course, it’s your only real fashion item.

How to Wear a Watch

· Are Leather Straps Better than Metal Bands?

There’s no one-size-fits-all response to this. The different between both is the attitude they have. Metal bands are usually neutral and practical whereas leather straps are sophisticated and perfect for formal situations.

How then do you strike a balance?

Because of the neutrality feature, it’s possible to wear a watch with a metal band on most outfits. The only other jewelry that men often wear with their clothing include cuff links and belt buckles. These can be silver-tone or gold-tone. Always match the color of your watch metal with the color of these other jewelry.

However, if you opt for leather bands, you need to match the leather with more things – belt, shoes, and clothing items. In fact, leather bands are less flashy and ideal for both formal and informal settings. And usually, a black leather band matches all outfits.

Irrespective of the benefits of both, it’s better to make your choice based on what attitude you want to present at various occasions and different times.

If you can make the right selection of watches and match them correctly with your style, you’ll never have a problem with how to wear a watch. Remember it’s all about your creativity, style, and budget.attention 【 official website】Learn more about Watches news.

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