Top 5 Tips For Wearing a Watch

April 20th, 2018

Just as there are tips for combining outfits to match and fit an occasion, there are rules for wearing watches. Nobody has these rules in a constitution apparently. And you don’t pay any hefty fines for breaking them. But it’s always advisable to follow these tips for wearing a watch. They help you to use your watch for more than its original purpose – to check time.

  Why Wearing a Watch Matters

For most men, the only jewelry that counts is the wristwatch. So they try as much as possible to have several watches ranging from dress, field, smart to fashion. With a wide collection of watches, you can pick the right one for any event or occasion. You can also select the best choice for a particular time of the day or the perfect match for your outfit.

It’s obviously inappropriate to wear a dive watch with a business suit (only James Bond can). It sends the wrong signal and tells people that you don’t know the basics of wearing a watch. Hence, let’s take you through five tips that apply when you wear a watch.

 Tips For Wearing a Watch Correctly

· Avoid wearing a watch that doesn’t fit. While women can wear watches loosely, men should have theirs just right on their arm. There’s the rule that you should wear a watch and leave room for a single finger to go under it. Your watch should never be too tight either; otherwise, it may leave some rash on your skin or cause reddening.

· Always know everything you can about your watch. Why buy and wear a watch that you have little or no information about? Apart from being familiar with the brand and type, know the functions of the watch. If it has got water resistance, find out how deep it can go. Also, know how the alarm works. Understand the watch movement and the source of its power. There’s a lot you can learn about watches. So, begin with yours.

Top 5 Tips For Wearing a Watch

  · Don’t stick with the tradition of wearing a watch on the left wrist. Back then, people believed you should have your watch on the less dominant arm. But who cares really? That’s what people preferred back in time. What do you prefer now? If wearing it on the right wrist allows you to feel confident and comfortable, why not? As long as you’re wearing it right, keep your watch on the wrist that you think will give you more access to it.

· Wearing a watch should be the same as matching your outfit. Men know that it’s wrong to wear a black belt on a brown shoe. Same goes here. When you pick your clothes, choose the right watches. When you wear a black/white tie, a dress watch is the best match. If you’re going on a business formal outfit, you can’t wear a field or pilot watch. And a Rolex Oyster may be just right when you’re dressed in a sportswear.

· Don’t wear the same watch all the time. Every week, you visit different places for different events, in different attires and at different times. Does it feel right to wear the same watch to all of these places? If you have just one watch, give it a break. Don’t wear it all the time. However, if you can build a collection of watches, perfect! That way, you can always select the best for a purpose.

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