Understand the Parts of a Watch

May 18th, 2018

Watches are made up of many parts and impressive craftsmanship is often responsible for putting them together to form a brilliant timepiece. Watchmakers gather elements that constitute in inner and outer parts of a watch including the watch movement. Because the timekeeping function of any watch depends on the proper harnessing of these components, any reduction or removal of the parts of a watch can reduce or completely ruin the function and fashion of a watch.

parts of a watch

Parts of a Watch

To have a good understanding of watches and their designs, you need to know the tiny and valuable bits that come together to make them work. We’ve done justice to a great number of the parts of a watch, and we hope you find them interesting.

The basic parts of any watch include:

1、Dial/Face – This refers to the part of the watch that tells the time, and it can come in a variety of colors or materials. It’s the flat surface just under the crystal that gets the watch ticking. Dials can have Arabic or Roman numerals.

2、 Lug – This holds the watch case to the bracelet of the watch by means of metal spring bars.

3、 Strap/Buckle – You can wear a watch on your wrist because there’s a strap or buckle that puts it together. Different materials such as leather, rubber, satin, nylon or metal bracelets are used to secure watches. Most diver watches come in rubber straps, and it’s advisable to pick your watch strap based on your clothing or event.

4、Crown – You set the time with this tiny piece which can be screwed up or down. Water-resistant watches allow the crown to go into the watch case, but usually, the crown can be used to set both time and date.

5、Case – The watch case is the part that holds all the smaller parts of a watch in place. Most cases are made with stainless steel because of its strength and firmness. Apart from steel, rubber cases also exist, but they’re not as common, since they can’t handle crash or fall as steel would. Watch movement (quartz or mechanical) are also held in by the watch case. It’s important to observe your watch case before you commence any repairs or battery replacement.

6、 Crystal – The “glass-like” seal over a watch dial and hands is the crystal. It protects the watch surface from dust, liquid, and dirt which will readily ruin the function of the watch. Sapphire crystal is used in most watches as it’s durable and resistant to cracks or scratches.

7、Hands – Watch hands such as hours, minutes, and seconds work together to provide time accuracy. Hands come in different designs which make watches look luxurious. Also, their different sizes differentiate the three from the other, with the minute hand being shorter than the hour hand and the second hand being thinner than the other two hands.

Other parts of a watch include the AM/PM indicator, date window, calendar, and moon phase among others. And there are other parts of the watch movement which also contribute to the functionality of the engine.

All of these parts of a watch are needed to keep your watch intact and attractive.

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