Watch Style Classification: the Basics You Should Know

June 24th, 2018

One interesting thing about buying watches is that you should never buy on impulse. Impulse buying doesn’t meet your needs in the actual sense. So, this post will discuss watch style classification and how this knowledge can influence your buying choice and collections.

Watch Style

Watch Style Classification: 4 Watches You Must Own

Watches are grouped based on their purposes and design. Of course, we have analog and digital watches, with digital watches being the most common these days. However, the main watch styles include:

· Dress Watch

· Dive Watch

· Field Watch

· Aviator/Pilot Watch

Dress Watches

You wear a dress watch on a formal outfit like a business suit or jacket. Such watches are perfect for formal occasions where people don’t necessarily give much attention to dress or accessories.

Dress watches are simple both in design and presentation. They often lack complications and are thin-shaped case, such that they move back and forth on your wrist with ease. However, some dress watches have a second hand or even a moon phase. The dial phase is usually black, white or metallic, and Roman and Arabic numerals are used to indicate hour.

Watch Style

Dive Watches

Dive watches, also known as diver’s watches, are originally tool watches which serve underwater purposes. The accurate timekeeping function of this watch remains remarkable.

The dive watch design normally includes a rubber or nylon band with a diver bezel which rotates in a counterclockwise direction. Also, the diver’s watch comes in a hardened mineral glass crystal and titanium casing which is resistant to rust. For water resistance, this watch style allows between 100 meters and 300 meters depth.

But beyond it being a watch for diving purposes, the Rolex Submariner used by James Bond has inspired many men of class to include it in modern fashion. The dive watch remains a luxurious choice for many men.

Field Watches

The preferred choice for soldiers and military men, the field watch has a rugged look which can withstand cracks and scratches.

It’s constructed in titanium and can function efficiently under night situations or in a dark room. The dial face is usually black while the numbers are polished in white to make them visible even under harsh sunlight.

Most field watches are made with leather straps which can easily be replaced with other watch straps.

abart Pilot Watches

Aviator/Pilot Watches

The aviator watch has a black dial face, white numbering, and luminous numerals. These enable pilots to easily check the time and use other functions of their watch. Think of the aviator watch as a superior field watch with chronographs and start/stop push buttons to set the second hand.


Over the years, these watches have developed to fit modern trends and demands for styles that meet a wearer’s needs. Hence, before you purchase a watch, define the purpose you want it to achieve. We hope this watch style classification guide would help you a great deal.

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