What is the Best Watch Movement for the Mechanical Watch?

August 10th, 2018

Most mechanical watches are uniquely designed with accurate movements which are both attractive and durable. Getting the best watch movement depends on what you want in a watch movement.


While very few watch brands can offer everything people want in a watch movement, you may find a top brand that meets your number one need in a watch.

Mechanical Watch

What do You Want in a Watch Movement?

Do you want a watch movement that’s:

· Accurate

· Complicated

· Well-decorated?

Irrespective, we’d recommend the following and compare them:

· Rolex movement

· Swiss ETA movement

· Japanese movement

Is the Rolex Movement the Best Watch Movement?

It’s important to know that Rolex movements are mass produced and accurate. And apart from the fact that they’re durable and require little or no maintenance, they are authentic.

The level of engineering and watchmaking which goes into Rolex mechanical watches is what makes them luxurious.

Is the Swiss ETA Movement the Best Watch Movement?

Nothing matches the Swiss ETA movement. The Swatch Group does a great job of producing these movements in large numbers such that there’s no error in any piece.

While these movements may not be as complicated in their design, they’re quite common and dependable. The high-quality materials which are used in the yearly productions are the best ever.

Another interesting thing is that higher production watch movements are often of more quality than the more complex movements.


Is the Japanese Movement the Best Movement?

Unlike the Swiss ETA and Rolex movements, Japanese movements aren’t very beautiful. These movements are also produced in large numbers and creatively. They’re known to perform excellently like Swiss ETA movements even though they’re not as accurate as quartz watches.

How do You Decide on the Best Movement for Your Mechanical Watch?

If you’re a true watch collector, you’ll care about the movement in your watch. And whether you’re buying a manual watch or an automatic watch, always check that you have a movement that you can rely on.

The best mechanical watch brands often last for many years or up to four centuries. Although the esthetic value of a watch counts, a watch’s internal mechanics is often more important.

So, consider any of the following movements:

1. ETS/Valjoux 7750

2. Lemania

3. IWC Caliber 5000

4. El Primero

5. Jaeger-LeCoultre Caliber 920

Above are watch movements which have been used by famous watch brands. All five movements are unique for their chronograph movements.

They are produced mainly by brands with the capacity to continue developing and producing their expensive parts. Valjoux 7750 remains the leading watch movement around the world. And you’ll find it in many Swiss watch brands or even Omega.

In all, deciding on the best watch movement is based on what you’re looking for. Do you need accuracy, beauty or a complicated system?

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