what is the lifespan of a quartz watch?

May 10th, 2018

Many people use their quartz watch for a minimum of two decades, and then you wonder, do all quartz watches live that long? As a result of the accuracy which the quartz movement provides, there’s every chance that the battery in the watch will live up to five years. Other parts of the watch including the watch case are not subject to servicing costs or damage when properly maintained. Hence, read on and find out the life of the quartz analog watch?

the lifespan of a quartz watch

Benefits of Quartz Analog Watch

The quartz analog watch has a quart movement where the dial has sweepings hands for hours, minutes, seconds, and stopwatch function (sometimes). Timing depends on a quartz crystal and a battery that provides power to the electrical motors which cause the hands to move.

Watches with high-quality analog quartz movement live as long as their owners. And this occurs especially when they are protected from battery leakage and moisture. Both factors can reduce their longevity by many years and bring about seven or eight years instead of a minimum of 20 years.

Likewise, the internal stresses in quartz analog watches are not as complex as that in the mechanical watches. Hence, they rarely wear out fast or fade quickly. Many watches on online stores go as far back as the 1970s and 1980s. Such watches enjoyed detailed manufacturing and strong mechanism.

lifespan of a quartz watch

If you’ve ever used the 1991 a.b.art, you’ll agree that the battery works for up to five years. More so, keeping the battery in a cool dry place (not a moist storage) elongates the battery life. Plus, the Breitling has a movement that doesn’t drain the battery cell as much as a watch by Tissot.

Indeed, modern high-end quartz watches resemble the mechanical watches, but this is different with non-high-end mechanical watches which also perform at top speed. If you’re looking for the flaws of the quartz watch, all you’ll ever find are little problems with battery and impact issue in the case of a fall.

Some watch wearers who have used the 1978 Seiko diver has enjoyed up to 45 years with only new batteries and no servicing. Interestingly too, a.b.art watches with quartz movement also need servicing just once in 50 years.

Nonetheless, if you’re comparing the quartz analog watch to the digital analog watch, you’ll find that the digital can last indefinitely when protected from excessive heat or moisture. With regular maintenance, you can keep your quartz analog watch working for as long as you’re alive. Visit the a.b.art watches news page for more interesting tips on watches.