What To Do If Your Mechanical Watch Cannot Work?

July 14th, 2018

Has your mechanical watch stopped working? That must be very disappointing, especially since you spent a lot of money to get that classic piece. But the truth is you need a solution. If your mechanical watch cannot work, then you need to follow the steps described in this post.

Mechanical Watch Cannot Work

Interestingly, the processes involved in fixing a mechanical watch are concerned with different aspects. The problems that cause the watch to stop working must first be identified.

So, what exactly is the problem with your mechanical watch?

Common Problems with Mechanical Watch

If you’re convinced that your mechanical watch cannot work, then we’ll help you understand the common problems with the mechanical and automatic watch. They include:

  • Faulty movement
  • Difficulty with winding
  • Hands running fast/slow
  • Delayed date window

Faulty Movement

Things can go wrong with the movement or other steels in your watch when they come close to magnetic fields. Your phone, speakers or even you fridge can stick to one another or repel. When this occurs, your mechanical watch cannot work.

You’ll need to ask a watchmaker to check the watch for any traces or presence of magnetization. When he finds this, he’ll demagnetize the parts and your watch will become as good as new. And if the movement still won’t work, let it be serviced or inspected for any replacement needs.

What To Do If Your Mechanical Watch Cannot Work

Difficulty with Winding

Have you noticed that every time you try to wind your watch, it resists? If you carefully wind the crown with your hand, but the watch still won’t work, then something big may be wrong with the watch movement.

Don’t try to open it up by yourself or fix anything. The most you can do on your own is to wind it again or use a watch winder. Visit a reliable watchmaker to figure out the actual problem and solve it.

Hands Running Fast/Slow

Mechanical watches aren’t like quartz watches which always provide accurate time. On the average, the mechanical watch may lose or add up to 25 seconds a day. And when this happens, you may notice that the hands are running fast or slow. But what exactly causes the anomaly in extreme cases?

  • Too hot/cold temperature
  •  Inaccurate position of watch
  • Exposure to magnetic fields
  • Need for servicing
  • Insufficient winding

All of these factors can affect the accuracy of a mechanical watch. So, ensure that you wind your watch correctly, service it regularly, and avoid exposing it to extreme temperature or magnetic fields. And when these don’t work, take it to your watchmaker for servicing or inspection.

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Delayed Date Window

When the day/date window displays incorrect information, it’s not much of a big problem. The mechanical watch has no clues about A.M. or P.M. But when you notice delays in the time, reset it to 12:00 and wait to observe changes.

If the date adjusts, then A.M. mode is active, but if it doesn’t, P.M. mode is on. With this knowledge, you can reset the watch to display the correct day/date.

Wrap Up

Even without emphasizing the cost, you know how precious your mechanical watch is. So, when you notice that your mechanical watch cannot work, try the ideas in this post or just visit a watchmaker at once.

We at a.b.art will be glad to help if you need any assistance with your watch.