About Us

The a.b.art brand was founded in 1991 in Freiburg, Germany, and relocated to Biel, Switzerland in 2003. It inherits the minimalist and understated Bauhaus design style while cleverly incorporating modern elements, creating high-quality watches full of style.

High Quality and Simple Aesthetics

In the a.b.art brand name, "a" represents authenticity, and "b" stands for simplicity. This aligns with a.b.art watches' mission to offer wearers a fusion of "exquisite craftsmanship" and "minimalist aesthetics," defining the artistry of their timepieces.

Awards and Honors

a.b.art is renowned in the watch design field for its exquisite aesthetics, having won the German "Form" Design Award four times, as well as other prestigious awards including the Red Dot Design Award, Good Design Award, and German Design Award.

Brand Mission

Let's Make It a Great Day!

The designer firmly believes that time not only gives meaning and value to our lives but also reminds us to cherish every moment, pursue happiness, and share joy and love with those around us. Because each day is a precious gift that cannot be replicated, the designer ingeniously incorporates the concept into the design with the 31 apertures of the calendar, reminding us of the unique value of each day .

Give Back With Us

We’re pledging 1% of all revenue to 3 partner charity organizations. You’ll be able to directly participate in this initiative at checkout, where you can choose which cause you'd like us